Discrimination in California on grounds of age, sex, race, age, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation is prohibited by Government Code ßß 12926 and 12940. Each discrimination claim is unique, and whether the claim is provable or not often turns upon specific facts. It is a rare employer who openly acknowledges some form of discrimination, and the evidence of discrimination is therefore evidence from which one must usually infer a discriminatory intent by the employer. For example, an employer rarely tells an employee that he or she is being let go because they are too old. Instead, the usual process of discrimination is that the employer evaluates out the unwanted employee by generating bogus negative performance reviews.

This discrimination can be combated in several ways. One of the most common means of fighting discrimination is to use statistical evidence to show an imbalance in the employees who are either being let go or who have been hired into the company in the first place. For example, an employment work force which is only 5% female may be suspect if the available work force in the relevant job category is 50% female. Statements that are not directly related to the performance of an employee can be used in the discriminatory mindset of the employer. If, for example, a manager makes a general comment about a specific ethnic group, that can be used to show a discriminatory mindset towards that particular group. In cases where there is an event such as illness, extended leave of absence, or pregnancy, the plaintiff can prove his or her case by showing a reasonably close proximity in time between an adverse employment action, such as termination, or a negative performance review and the development of the illness or notification of pregnancy, for example.

In the absence of direct evidence, discrimination claims are rarely easy to prove and require a good deal of skill and effort to overcome the employer’s usual claim that it did not discriminate at all, rather, the adverse employment action was merely a neutral business decision. At Ainley Law, we have the resources, skill and experience to successfully prosecute your discrimination claim, be it on grounds of age, race, gender, or other protected group.