Joseph H. Ainley on Pregnancy Discrimination

The Law Offices of Joseph H. Ainley provide services to cover all of your employment-related legal needs.  The bulk of our practice is devoted to litigation in cases, for example, where the employee has been wrongfully terminated, or an individual or a group of people have been denied overtime benefits.  We also offer employment counsel.  Frequently, employees face a situation at work which potentially has profound consequences for them, but they are unsure how best to act.  In this context, one issue that is repeatedly of concern is where an employee is offered a severance package in exchange for a release of claims that they employee may have against his or her former employer.  In this situation, legal counsel can be invaluable in maximizing the amount of any severance package.  Some of the specific areas in which we are pleased to offer services are the following:

Pregnancy Discrimination

A particularly significant subset of discrimination is pregnancy discrimination. We have found that pregnancy discrimination is rampant in many different fields. Employers who pride themselves on egalitarian practices often fall short when it comes to this particular form of discrimination. A software company, for example, that has specific milestones to meet may unhesitatingly fire an employee who announces that she is pregnant and will be taking a temporary leave of absence as guaranteed by statute. All too often, milestones in development schedules take precedence over rights guaranteed by statute. In this particular instance, the event causing the discrimination is apparent: it is the pregnancy. It is therefore relatively easy to demonstrate when an attempt to ìevaluate outî a pregnant employee begins. Our experience with these cases allowed us to compile a database of cases involving pregnancy discrimination which is a very useful tool in litigating this particular type of a case.