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A Handy Guide to Your Leave Rights

What are your leave rights? Everybody at some point gets sick, has an emergency, gets called for jury duty, has military service commitments, or has to care for a ill relative or friend.  In what situations can you leave and still protect your job.  If you have been refused leave or told that you may not return, is your boss breaking the law? These are questions that all of us have asked ourselves at some point in time.  Most of the time, we never find the answer and the HR department is often as clueless.

To assist workers in better understanding their Leave Rights, Ainley law is making available a complete chart of every leave statute in California  The chart comprehensively outlines the eligibility and coverage for your rights when pregnant, when baby arrives, when you have a sick relative, when you become sick or disabled or are injured, when you are in the Armed Forces, at school, or are required for jury duty, emergency duty, and your right to leave work to vote.  The chart identifies each specific statute along with the Agency responsible for administering it.  The statutes covered are Pregnancy Disability Leave (PDL), California Family Rights Act (CFRA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Reasonable Accomodation Leave (R/A), Paid Family “Leave” (PFL), “Kin Care Leave” (KCL), and company disability leave policy (CoDL).  This chart outlines the rights available under each statute and compares them in a succinct 4 pages.

Statute Comparison Chart

Ainley law also makes available a comprehensive Powerpoint presentation assembled by the Department of Fair Employment and Housing called “Leave Laws and Disability Discrimination”.  Here you will find a wealth of clear and concise information about your rights under the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) and other statutes that protect us from illegal leave practices and discrimination.

Guide to Disability Discrimination